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Time to rock.

One idea. One album. One concert.

Time for SCHUBERT IN ROCK. An international project, with its origins in Tyrol, the home of the initiator, guitarist and songwriter, Klaus Schubert. The songs for the album were recorded here and the live show took place in Tyrol’s capital Innsbruck in early winter 2013.

A rock-dream becomes reality

Klaus Schubert and his band NO BROS rocked Austria in the 80’s and also caused a stir outside their home country; especially during the live tours with rock icons such as SAXON, KROKUS, MOTÖRHEAD and DEEP PURPLE. Since then Klaus Schubert has wanted to create an ‘All Star Project’ with the big names from the international hard and heavy rock scene. The idea was to team up with those artists, who once upon a time toured across Europe together, and to arrange and re-record those NO BROS songs, with which the Austrian band celebrated their biggest hits back in the day.

It was a rocking surprise!

A fusion of great Rock-musicians recorded an album with Klaus Schubert from Austria.
Featured on the album are the following singers:

Tony Martin, Biff Byford, Doogie White, Joe Lynn Turner, Marc Storace

The All Star Project SCHUBERT IN ROCK was a unique live-show. The concert took place in the Congress/Dogana in Innsbruck, capital of Tyrol, on December 6, 2013.

17.10.2013 News
Schubert in Rock

Posters are up all over the country !! - tickets go fast !!get ready for dec 6th - INNSBRUCK DU SOLLST ROCKEN !!

15.10.2013 News
Schubert in Rock

YEEAAHHH! This FRIDAY the album will be in stores! WE CAN'T WAIT!For more infos about how and where to get the album, please drop an email to: (LLRR)